Water Park Suggestions for Older Kids

A mom asked “I have cousins coming in from Italy and they want to go to a water park!! They are in their late teens early 20’s. I hear mixed things about Splish Splash. Any recommendations?”


  • Have had a blast at S/S the key is go week day.Get there at Gate Open. You can go to Dorney and Great Adventures had a Water Park too. They are farther way but good. Again you would need to be there at gate open.
  • I love Splish Splash! But get there when they open and go during the week.
  • Action park opened again
  • Mountain Creek/Action Park
  • Camelbeach!!! It’s 2 hours away – it’s in camelback mountain! CLEAN & NO LINES !! Wonderful!
  • Splish splash is awesome we have season passes def go week days and if you stay past 4p when camps leave you can get on more rides
  • Has anyone actually been to action park since they reopened? I heard they were putting better safety regulations but still trying to keep it lax and “extreme” It makes me a little nervous considering how many incidents they had back in the day. I grew up going to splish splash absolutely loved it. During the week there are tons of camps there though both locally and coming from the city it can be a little crazy but worth it.
  • I have not been to Mountain Creek but I am from the teenage generation that was the original Action Park I was 17-19 when I went there and I highly doubt in this day and age of safety and insurance liability and suing that anything like what that park was like back in the day is even remotely a water ride there now..It just would never ever fly..the rides were crazy the water freezing from Pompton Lakes and just existed at a time period that was what it was..Love Splish Splash though try to go once a year every summer..
  • Action Park reopened???
  • How far away are you willing to travel? You can make it to Seaside Heights in 2hrs and it has amazing water rides on a few different piers pulse regular thrill rides! If you can go a little further I’d go to Wildwood NJ on the shore

Author: Lynda LaCour

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