TV’s in the bedroom. What age?

A Smithtown Mom wanted to know… How old was your child when you allowed them to have a television in their bedroom?

5-6 years old boy watching TV in bed

  • Good question. My 9 yr old keeps asking for one but I haven’t given in yet.
  • My little guys have one (when we switched rooms it was on the wall and I never moved it) we never turn it on and they never ask. I say the longer you can keep them out of hibernating in their rooms the better- my teenagers use them all the time (in their rooms) and it’s a struggle to get them all in one room together to watch the same show
  • I’m totally old school and hubby and I aren’t allowing our daughters to have TVs in rooms. Trying to encourage “family” TV time together. I never had one in my room and never minded it
  • My kids are 17 & 14 and still do not have TV in room. It’s not necessary.
  • My son was 8, but I must say he never really uses it. He begged and begged, and we finally caved….but it just sits there. My kids rather be outside than in front of a tv. Also my sons room is sort of two separate rooms, so it’s not like he can lay in bed and watch tv at the same time.
  • No t.v. In bedrooms. I have a 16 yr old, 13 yr old and 10 month old. T.v. is limited to Friday and Saturdays only.
  • I have a10,8 and 5 year old boys and they still don’t
  • 20!!
  • My kids just asked, they are 7 1/2 and 5 1/2. I have no plans of allowing it. They can watch TV in the living room, basement or kitchen/
  • my kids are 18 and 14 and they still dont have tv in their bedrooms..
  • my kids do not have tvs (they are 11, 9 and 5). there are other ways to entertain themselves and plenty of tvs to watch in the house.
  • Wow, you mom’s are tough cookies!! I remember having one growing up from about age 4/5.
  • I had one at 4/5 too and I remember I couldn’t go to sleep without it and even to this day I keep mine on at night.
  • Haha!! My kids do but I wish they didn’t! I wouldn’t rush it!!! Though they use it more for xbox than tv.
  • Mine are 12 and 7 and I have no plans of getting TV’s for their rooms
  • No tvs…
  • my son is 13 and just asked we take it out lol…. go figure!
  • Mine are 14, 12, & 9 & will not have a tv in their room unless they buy it & set it up themselves like I did at 16 yrs old!! My friend laughs but thats the way it is!!!
  • No televisions for my kids. They can get them when they move out! Thankfully they all love to read.
  • We plan to never have televisions in their rooms.
  • Mine is 6 and he’s had one in his room since he’s 10 months old. He watches it before bed and to play x box which I beg him to play to stay out of my hair. I always had a t.v. and as long as he’s good in school and hockey idc
  • No tvs in my girls room. Going to hold out as long as we can. I don’t see a reason for it!
  • I got mine as a kid when I was 13. And I remember perfectly sitting in my room watching the same thing my parents were watching in the living room. I am trying avoid that with my kids. We have a TV in our living room and plan to add one to the playroom but not in their bedrooms for a really long time. My oldest is 6yo
  • My kids are 15, 13 and 8 and still don’t have a tv in their room. I told them I was 30 when I first got a tv in my room and it’s the truth.
  • Mine don’t have tv’s in their rooms oldest is almost 17 and my other son will be 13 in September..I believe it’s an individual decision and it’s entirely up to you I just don’t believe in tv’s in their bedrooms but that is my decision..
  • Our plan is no TVs in the bedroom. I never had a TV as a kid in my room. I feel like it isolates them and takes away from family time. A TV in a playroom is great since we can sit together and I can keep an eye on how much and what they watch. I really don’t see the purpose of them in the bedroom.
  • Bottom line. Good eating and work out 6xwk
  • My son is 18 abd he just got a tv in his room last year my girls are 15 and 11 no tvs in their rooms we have plenty of other tvs in the house for them to watch.
  • I won one in a Chinese auction so I gave it to my 7/8 year old. I had no prior plans to get him one, but it really wasn’t a big deal. Didn’t watch it all that much then and at 12, still doesn’t all that much now.
  • Not in the plans…ever.
  • Actually just bought one for my daughters birthday, she is 12. We don’t allow a cable box, just Apple TV so they can use the apps on their iPad, Netflix, HBO to Go, etc…
  • My daughter is 10, no tv yet but were re-doing her room soon & might get one. Maybe for Christmas
  • Never. No reason for it.
  • I have 2 boys (17 and 13) and they still don’t have tvs in their rooms.
  • My son is almost 14 and still doesn’t have one.. We have tv’s all over the house.. No need for them in their room
  • My plan is never.. The electronics are bad enough…
  • Never, 18 & 16 still no tv in the bedroom. Yes, they hate us!
  • We bought my daughter a hello kitty tv/dvd player for her room when she was 10 because she begged us!! She watched 1 movie…just 1. We “upgraded” her to a flat screen when she turned 13. She doesn’t even know how to turn it on! I’m so glad – but have no idea why she would ask for it in the first place.
  • Mine do 12 & 6 they share a room..we didn’t mind, they had when younger

Author: Lynda LaCour

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