Looking for a new restaurant to try

Recently one of our moms asked:

Looking for a new restaurant to try!! Good food, fun atmosphere for couples night out!! Would love suggestions!

Here are the responses from our Smithtown Moms Facebook group:

  • Luso’s on Main Street
  • Restaurant 552 in St James
  • Vintage in st.james…..LOVE IT!
  • Espana in Smithtown is fun too
  • Mosaic St. James!!
  • Perfecto Mundo northgate shopping center. Or melting pot farmingdale
  • Perfecto Mundo in Commack!
  • We like The Chop Shop in Smithtown for the rare night out without kids
  • Chop shop and Buteras are our favorites in smithtown.
  • H2O & Insignia are our date night favorites.
  • Casa Rustica!!! They renovated open the bar area!!!
  • I love Kitchen and you can bring your own wine.
  • Kumo or Hotoke if you like sushi
  • Kitchen Tratorria in st. James is amazing! Its bring your own wine too. Also
  • Cafe Havana in Smithtown is very yummy!
  • Del Fuego in St. James is so much fun and the food is really good and not expensive.
  • Vintage in st.james…
  • Aji 53
  • The Meetball Place in Patchogue
  • Think it is Date Night on Thursdays at Chop Shop. Also Tates is a nice place!
  • The Thai restaurant in Smithtown is good!
  • I’ll vote Perfecto Mundo, too! They have live music some nights and excellent food! If you’re looking to venture a little further out of town, I LOVED Orto in Miller Place (same owner as Kitchen a Bistro). It’s BYOB and the food is yummy!
  • Maria’s in Nesconset (corner of Lake and Smithtown Blvd.) is excellent for mexican.
  • Maria’s is great! and fun! best sangria ever
  • Chop Shop def
  • Butera’s. It’s family style but excellent food and nice atmosphere.
  • Chop Shop is our favorite. Great upbeat, “city-like” atmosphere. Also love Perfecto Mundo. If you want to venture away from smithtown, we found a new favorite restaurant in Babylon Village – Barrique. GREAT atmosphere, wine bar, small plates (Italian)
  • Chop shop…Delicious. Love Kumo but we can walk there which is great in the better weather!
  • Kumo ! Food is delicious , great service ! Place is fun.
  • Kumo has great food and atmosphere! I’d do main dining room for date night but even great for family night you can sit at the hibachi table!

Author: momsadmin

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