Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

Earthquakes happen without warning.

earthquakecrackPlease consider this short notice information in an effort to become better prepared.

FEMA is encouraging national participation in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drill scheduled for tomorrow, October 16, 10:16 a.m. local time.

Over 40 U.S. states are at risk of an earthquake—yet fewer than 1 in 3 adults participated in an earthquake drill within the past year, according to a recent survey by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. To increase earthquake preparedness, FEMA encourages all Americans to participate in this year’s Great ShakeOut earthquake drill.

“Past practice and previous participation in a drill can make all the difference in an emergency,” FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate said. “Everyone should know how to drop to the ground, cover themselves under a sturdy table or desk, and hold on to it until the shaking stops. It needs to happen with enough regularity so that it becomes second nature during an actual earthquake.”

People who have mobility disabilities and cannot drop should still cover and hold on. They should then stay put and not try to transfer during the shaking. Everyone who is staying put should cover their head and neck with their arms or a pillow until the shaking stops. People who use wheelchairs should lock their wheels.

Nearly 25 million people worldwide are expected to participate in this year’s Great ShakeOut—including over 13 million students and nearly 1 million businesses. Anyone can register their involvement and learn how to participate for free at

FEMA supports the Great ShakeOut as part of America’s PrepareAthon!, which is a community-based campaign that asks everyone to take an action—such as a disaster drill or group discussion—to increase their preparedness. Information on America’s PrepareAthon! is available at

Additional tips for preparing for earthquakes are also available

Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services

Author: Lynda LaCour

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