Family wants to know what to get her 2 year old son

A momber recently asked, “My family members are asking me what to get my son for his 2nd birthday.   He already has enough toys.  Any ideas Moms?”


  • Just a thought but since it sounds like he has enough toys why not a deposit into his college fund ? At two don’t think he will realize he didn’t get a lot of presents … FYI the ATV is a cool gift
  • My great nephew, who I babysit, was 2 in March, has no problem with Leap Pad or iPad. I’ve also attended a 1st birthday which we were told anyone interested in contributing, all monetary gifts would be used toward the purchase of an outdoor swing set. I thought that was a great idea.
  • Books!
  • I actually bought my two-year-old a Kindle fire for Christmas. He actually was not even two yet. They had very basic games he loves it can watch movies and figured it could grow with him rather than the Leap pad. My older son got bored of the leap pad in less than a year.
  • Thanks we do deposit into a college fund, we have a credit card that actually gives a percentage back into a fund like when u have a card that gives you points
  • Set up a 529 plan and have them contribute- my brother did that for my son and he has over 8 grand for college- better than toys that will be outgrown!
  • Trains planes automobiles small medium large, kiddie pools, out bat ball set. Out door bowling ball sets fire trucks
  • Water table
  • What games do you recommend on the kindle fire?
  • Maybe clothes for next season?
  • With so many toys and enough clothes, whenever a family member asks, I tell them a small book and donation to the college fund..
  • My family always feels they need to give a gift. They like to watch the child open it. Sometimes that is tough b/c they are persistent! Fisher price imaginext toys were always great and durable. Some are great for younger ages too…. my kids always loved the work bench and the tools (black and decker or home depot…we had both), also the step 2 or little tykes ( can’t remember which brand) grill. They would bring it outside and grill all the time or even play inside with it and make pretend food all the time. My kids also loved all the pretend food that would velcro together…it had bread for sandwiches, fruit to pretend cut in half, corn inside the cob, etc. I’m sure they still sell stuff like that. We had the wood type from melissa and doug, but this particular style is plastic. I think the brand was play circle. Loved it. Big puzzles were always fun too! how about a play tent or any kind of imagination type of play?
  • Now I had to go online and see if they still sell the “velcro food” here’s a link…they were so cute…a pizza, an ice cream scooper…great memories for both boys and girls!
  • College money. Set up a 529
  • Was son also loved letters and numbers. He had the Leap Pad at 2 yrs old and had no problem, but I don’t think he appreciated it fully until he was about 3. Does your son have the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics or Magnetic Word Builder? My son LOVED both of these at that age.
  • Books, Books, and more books… paper, crayons and washable markers…. you can never have enough of these things.
  • How about sheets with his favorite character in them.
  • Get him a Strider Bike! My son got one when he was 2 years old, learned how to balance and learned how to pedal by 3.5 years old. Best gift my son ever received!
  • For families who have to give presents (like everyone in mine!) even though your child isnt lacking,I suggest something small and useable such as stickers or art and crafts suitable for his age. Paper and crayons are good enough too. Then the remainder they would have spent would go to a college fund. I have one that went through college and one in midst. No amount of planning on our part prepared for the expense! It tripled in cost in those 18 years! You can never have too much in their account! Plus I thought having a large acct would hurt them with financial aid. They still got close to nothing!
  • Exactly  family wants to give him things he can open in front of them. The college fund is a good idea but they can’t watch him rip into it which they want to see. Thanks for all the great ideas
  • You’ll find that nothing in the box is as interesting to the 2 year old as the box is. lol
  • You hit the nail ON THE HEAD. Have my first in college… no amount in that 529 is enough. I wish I had asked for donations into theirs when they were small. A gift to open and a check to the college fund is a good way to get started (you said you already had one). So much money wasted on toys not played with. Like Peggy Reynolds (put a kid through law school) said, they are more interested in the box than whats in it.
  • Experiences pass to the aquarium, some legos & gift certificate to Lil Builders, gift certificate to My Gym (they can watch him enjoy it all month), arts & craft supplies (coloring books, finger paints, easel/chalkboard).
  • Great question. My daughter turns 2 on Aug 5th and my family has been asking too. In same situation as you. Family likes to see them open up something. I like when they give gift cert to places , Melissa & Doug toys, books, craft supplies., gift cards. Lots of great suggestions from your post. Just got a hand me down ATV. My son loves his train table. He might like that. Someone suggested a sit n spin to me today.
  • I just got him a train table with points on amazon.  I’m also going to ask for a subscription to ABC mouse thought that was a good idea
  • Small gift to open and college/first car fund.. The gift is about the recipient .. And your children will not remember their 2nd birthday gift but they most certainly will remember that nice college or car fund when they don’t have to take maximum college loans .. Have one in grad school who is eternally grateful to her grandmother who planned ahead
  • I teach this age group everyday. They love hands on learning. How about Legos? The duplo size., Board puzzles with letters and numbers, books, a small set of wood blocks for building and creating, easel and paints, cozy coupe car, books on tape too. Hope this helps!
  • My 2 yr old loves the Nabi Jr
  • Of all the gift my children have ever received, or I have given to young family members, the ones they seem to remember are not the physical gifts but the time spent and the memories shared. Ask them to take him to the park etc and if they insist on a gift, tell them money for his future.
  • My nephew just turned 2 and he has sooo much stuff! We got him one of those gliding dog balloons from the mall and a treasury bond. Seems boring BUT! It was his favorite present! He didn’t play with a single thing except for the balloon all day. If your son isn’t in need of anything this might be a good suggestion for family members. You have to personally set up an account for him on TreasuryDirect and they need to know his SSN so it’s a little annoying now but it’s a practical gift that your son will appreciate when he’s older: $$$.

Author: Lynda LaCour

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