Disneynature’s Bears on DVD

There is a great family film being released on DVD on Tuesday.  It is definitely worth a trip to RedBox to rent!

This is my review from its theatrical release in the Spring.

My family and I are huge fans of the Disneynature films that come out each year around Earth Day.  This year is no exception.  Bears are the animal of 2014.

In Bears, acclaimed documentarians Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey give us a year in the life of Bears as the movie mixes in traditional nature film storytelling with Disney storytelling.

They capture the beauty and danger of this Alaskan wilderness as they follow a first time mother bear and her two newborn cubs in the first year of their lives trudging through the mountains, grazing in the fields, fishing for salmon in the river and doing everything possible to avoid wolves and other bears that have ill intentions towards her little cubs.

The narrator John C. Reilly provides dialogue for the bears. It is comical at times.

Can you imagine eating 90 pounds of salmon each day before a six month hibernation?  Bears was truly a sweet story about a Mom taking care of her babies.  We should make Sky an honorary Momber!


Author: Debbi Spiegel

I am the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of my family. You can often find me wearing a chauffeur hat and a referee jersey.

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